Saturday, April 25, 2015

Advert: Trioo Optical Eyewear (Belcher)

Hello everyone!

I'm back with another advert for Trioo again. This time round, they sponsored me 2 pairs of eyewear from their website. I'm here to show you guys the very first pair that I chose from them. Stay tune to the end of the post for more ;)

"See Your Passion" we want the world to pursue their passions, starts with health.

I absolutely love Trioo! No matter how I try to find the perfect eyewear for myself, I just can't seem to find the one that really suits me. Whenever I step into a optical eyewear shop, pick up the glasses that I really like but it just don't seem to suit/fit me well. 

But when Trioo asked me to choose a glasses from their website, I just took the risk and when I received it, the glasses worked it's magic and it looks perfectly fine on me. I think this is one of the best thing about Trioo, their glasses fits everyone with any type of face shape. Trust me on this because whenever I try Belcher(the name of my glasses) kind of glasses, it just don't fit me very well.

I chose Belcher in Black Marble from their Archipelago collection(check it out if you're interested) because I wanted to try out something new and different. I noticed that I don't suit this type of frames at all but I still gave it a go.
I love this pair of glasses, they give me a very 'teacher' vibe when I wear it, don't you think? It makes me look more studious too, from my point of view. Hahaha

Here's something about the Archipelago collection ($67) - they are high-quality acetate with vintage-inspired styles, glasses are named after different Archipelagos across the world. 
There are two other collection:
3U collection ($47) - made from Ultem-resin which is a material that is ultra-light, durable & flexible. Sporty frames.
Prestige collection ($97) - made from high quality materials such as titanium and carbon fiber, professional elegant style.

This month, they released a new summer 2015 editions, 20 new pairs that is already up on their website. They will also be releasing a brand new sunglasses collection - all polarized (starting with 35 pairs of sunglasses). So go to now and check out all the new pairs of glasses.

Trioo is having a Spring Sale at 30% off all Archipelago glasses from April 13 to April 30. They also have 8 new frames for that collection to shop away.
They have free shipping to Singapore(what is better than free shipping omg?!?!)

Remember to also quote "VANESSAFORTRIOO" for 15% off.